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General Information - SedoPro World Tour Seoul, Korea

How do I register for the event?

The SedoPro World Tour is an exclusive event open only to SedoPro members.
Any SedoPro member who wishes to attend this or another event may follow this link to log in and complete the registration process.

After a review of your application, we will get back to you and confirm your registration.

What are the benefits to attending the SedoPro World Tour?

The SedoPro World Tour is:

  • an exclusive event especially designed to suit your business needs
  • providing you with the latest updates within individual markets
  • inviting you to enjoy one of the most modern cities there is and to experience tomorrow’s technology today
  • offering you opportunities to share your opinion on hot topics
  • getting you involved in discussions with other global domainers, registrars, partners, journalists and Sedo management members
  • coming to a location near you

This event is Sedo’s way of saying “Thank you” for your business over the past year, and supporting the future success of the domain industry.

Is there an event fee? What is included?

There is no actual fee for your stay. Sedo will take care of the activities, entertainment, food and beverages for the duration of the event. The only thing you need to cover is your flight to the venue and your accommodation.

Can I invite an additional guest to the event?

No.  This event is only open to SedoPro members. Contact Opens window for sending emailsedoproworldtour[at]
sedo[dot]com with questions.

Will I be able to set up private meetings with Sedo managers?

If you would like an exclusive 1-on-1 meeting with Sedo management teams, please contact your account manager directly to request a meeting.

What is the dress code for the SedoPro Partner Forum?

The SedoPro World Tour stopping in Seoul will offer you a diversified selection of activities.
The average weather reported in September is usually around 70° Fahrenheit (21° Celsius), so we recommend comfortable and breathable clothing during the day activities. At night we will provide a more formal environment where cocktail attire is recommended.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

All registrations are binding. We need an accurate estimate of attendees for the booking of meals, parties, and planning of activities - all of which will be paid for by Sedo.

Sedo is not responsible for flight cancellations or delays.